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AHJs - Authorities Having Jurisdiction


What can I expect from a Fire Technicians Network LSST or CLSS?

Accountability, professional practice, vigilance, integrity, knowledge.  From EVERY FTN Building Life Safety Systems Technologist and Certified Building Life Safety Systems Specialist Member.

How can this be achieved?

Accountablilty - New Programme Applicants are carefully evaluated and then provided an individually tailored plan with clearly defined goals and objectives designed to foster their professional development and career success.  All technologist and specialist members are subject to stringent ongoing supervision of their individual practice.

Professional Practice - This is achieved through active mentoring, ongoing educational seminars, mutual  information exchange, and engagement that empowers growth and positive participation.  Certified and trainee members are also encouraged to help support the Network’s goals, objectives, and mission by teaching, lecturing, participating in, and promoting local events in their communities.

Vigilance - Technicians are expected to view every job as a new opportunity to positively enhance a building’s life and fire safety.  This is achieved by applying their skills and knowledge in the careful consideration of previous inspection and testing reports, vigilant examination of all of a project’s life safety elements, and meaningful interaction with the occupants, tenants, owners and local jurisdictional authorities.

Integrity - Inspection procedures and detailed, informative reports that go above and beyond what Codes and Standards dictate are the hallmarks of the professional practice of a Network Certified Life Safety Systems Technologist (LSST) and a Certified Building Life Safety Systems Specialist (CLSS).

Knowledge - We’ve invested significant resources over the last ten years to hone and perfect this side of the triangle.  The Fire Technicians Network represents the largest online technical resource dedicated to the building life safety service and Fire Prevention communities in Canada.  Knowledge is the foundation of our Programme.

PPE - Professional Practice Evaluation - We don’t simply rely on an exam score to determine a member’s suitability for an endorsement.  Professional Practice requires a commitment to personal and professional growth.  Our evaluation focuses on every prospective member’s current practices, skillset, and knowledge which helps us in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.  We then assist them in developing an individually tailored plan that will set them on the path to positive career advancement (and the rewards and benefits that will be naturally flow from their renewed dedication and commitment).

PPR - Professional Practice Review - This is a pro-active, ongoing process which helps us confirm that the Network member’s professional practice aligns with our Programme’s goals and objectives.  A member that is found in contravention of our Code of Ethics, or the Professional Practice Guideline, and whose substandard practice may have jeopardized public safety (and has there-by called into question the integrity of the Programme), will be further investigated.  We do not levy fines against technologist members but do expect them to cover the investigative costs if they are, indeed, found to be in contravention.  We will then work with the member through a process which could involve a period of probationary supervision,  mandatory attendance in a relevant course of study, or both.  Termination from the Programme is a sanction of last resort and will only be used in extreme cases involving either criminal misconduct, or a pattern of continued professional malfeasance following a number of interventions.

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We are actively engaged in a national educational outreach initiative that involves face-to-face instructional seminar presentations that cover a variety of subjects to help you identify properly executed inspection and testing practices.

Visit our TRAINING CENTRE to explore the courses available in your area or Contact Us! to discuss how we can help deliver a customized training programme that suits your budget.

AHJs can also expect to be involved in all aspects of the Professional Practice Review, complaint investigation and the Formal Hearing processes (the latter when it is suspected that a Network member has been found to be in violation of our Code of Ethics or the Professional Practice Guideline).



What can currently registered/certified technicians expect from participating in the FTN Certification Programme?

Career Opportunities - The sky has never been bluer.  The time has come to lend wings to your career.  Canadian fire equipment service providers are looking to hire committed professionals like you, with excellent customer service skills that harmonize with your superior technical abilities and knowledge.  You’ll make recommendations to building owners and managers that demonstrate your vigilance and technical savvy and that will convert to equipment sales and increased revenues.  You’ll be in a position to write your own paycheque!

Personal and Professional Development - The Fire Technicians Network is going to provide the means to renew your passion for your practice.  We’re going to open your eyes to possibilities you’ve imagined but have not been able to realize within the present industry structures.  We are going to raise the bar on your practice and give you ...

A Truly Level Playing Field - Our Certification Programme will make good on the promise of a level playing field that will ensure all fire protection equipment service technicians follow the letter of the Codes and Standards, without exception.

Expanded Practice - The Network has long recognized that our industry is evolving and that technicians have to be given more options to address these changes and meet them head-on.  The biggest change we’ve introduced involves Life Safety System Technologists (LSSTs) with the “F” or “V” Endorsement.  They will be able to test building smoke control systems, communicators, extinguishment systems (manufacturer certification may also be required) and ancillary controls confidently and competently.  You’ll be in the position to involve yourself in the Commissioning process now required by the National Building and Fire Codes, more correctly referred to as the Integrated Testing of Building Life Safety Systems (CAN/ULC-S1001).  We’ll make sure you’re on the path to qualifying for the coveted Certified Building Life Safety Specialist (CLSS) designation.

Being a Professional

Online training, attending technical seminars, sharing new information and mentoring your fellow technicians ensures you’re staying on a track that advances your personal professional practice and career.  Part of our association’s commitment to your professional growth is frequent and proactive reviews coupled with a support network and an inexpensive series of informative training modules that will keep you at the top of your game.  The professional seal actually means something!


Building Owners and Managers

How is the Fire Technicians Network’s Certification Programme going to benefit building owners and mangers?

Professional Performance - With a Fire Technicians Network Life Safety Systems Technologist (LSST) involved in your project, you can be assured of the highest level of Professional Practice and expect to receive detailed, Codes/Standards compliant reports.  You can be confident that your project is going to be in full compliance with the requirements of your local Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Office.

Consistent Testing - A rigorous program of active practice review ensures the individuals involved in testing and inspecting your project are conforming to Best Practices as required in our Guideline.  Technologists participating in our Certification Programme receive regular updates, Bulletins, and training that ensures the inspection, testing and maintenance services they provide are of the highest calibre in the industry.

Superior Inspection and Testing - Both Fire Technician Network LSST-F and LSST-V certified professionals have received extensive training that is above and beyond what has been provided (or offered) by any other national or provincial certification programme in Canada.  This includes the ability to actively participate in performing integrated life safety systems testing (to CAN/ULC-S1001-11) and produce the required reports mandated by the new Division B Section 6.8 of the 2015 National Fire Code.  Network Certified Building Life Safety Specialists have met the training and experience requirements suggested in the referenced Standard and are fully capable of producing the documentation mandated in the 2010 National Building Code (as currently adopted by your Province or Territory).

Improved Budgeting - Engaging a fire equipment service provider that employs Network Certified Life Safety Systems Technologists (LSSTs) will provide your project’s a vastly improved (and more detailed) inspection and reporting process.  The reports and documentation they provide will put your maintenance and building management staff in a much better position to make informed decisions with respect to any deficiencies or recommendations our members make.  Consistent and rigorous testing procedures along with detailed inspection reports will ensure you’re never left in the dark.  It will also help eliminate the element of risk (and doubt) often associated with changing service providers.

Managing Risk - Hiring a technician to perform your annual testing has always been like rolling dice.  As an owner you are no longer gambling on the quality of service or inspection provided to your project when you engage a professional, Network certified Life Safety Systems Technologist (LSST) or Certified Building Life Safety Systems Specialist (CLSS).

Staying Involved - Learning Logistics

We are actively engaged in a national educational outreach initiative that involves face-to-face instructional seminar presentations and lunch’n learn sessions.  Additionally, significant resources have been allocated to assist you in knowledgeably identifying and managing fire risks and understanding the issues around building fire prevention, equipment inspection, and regular maintenance.  Visit our training institute by clicking on the link provided to find out about the courses and opportunities available in your area.


Engineers, Designers and Contractors

How are FTN Certified Members going to benefit other Professionals and Contractors?

Professional Liaison - FTN Certified Life Safety Systems Technologists specializing in Verification (LSST-V) bring a unique perspective and skill-set to your project’s life safety design, and its execution that’s been, here-to-for unimagined (let alone explored).  We have long advocated for just this kind of involvement, where knowledgeable industry professionals are able to assist you in identifying, planning, and delivering on a superior level of protection.  Designers can call upon a trained Verifier to liaise with the installing contractor to ensure a seamless and trouble free installation of a project’s life safety systems.  You can confidently enlist the industry’s premier Verification professionals in your next project.

Verification Services - FTN Certified Life Safety Systems Technologists are knowledgeable professionals that are fully qualified to perform Verification services to the strict requirements of the Canadian Standard for Fire Alarm Verification (CAN/ULC-S537).  They are subject to a  rigorous programme of ongoing training and proactive oversight, that is second to none.

Commissioning Services (NBC 2010 & NFC 2015 Division B Section 6.8) - FTN Certified Life Safety System Specialists (CLSS) and Life Safety Systems Technologists (LSST-F/V) are fully conversant with the requirements of the Standard for Integrated Testing of Building Life Safety Systems (CAN/ULC-S1001).  In point of fact, we lead the industry in providing the ONLY programmes of training that incorporate this Standard in Canada.  Standardized reporting formats provide the information you need to confidently assess your project’s readiness for occupation and assures the functional continuity of critically important interconnected building systems well into the future.  Your design merits the satisfaction you will receive from having delivered the cutting-edge technologies your clients expect; on-time, and on-budget.

Quality, Error-Free Installations - Engaging an FTN Certified Building Life Safety Systems Technologist or Building Life Safety Systems Specialist early-on in the installation process will eliminate costly mistakes and unexpected deficiencies that may delay the project’s completion and jeopardize the long-term, valuable working relationships you enjoy with contractors, owners, other registered professionals, and the local jurisdictional authorities.  You can expect extraordinary peace of mind when you enlist the services of one of our members because you know there’s a whole NETWORK of qualified, knowledgeable, and committed life safety specialists behind them.

Technical Seminars keep YOU informed and at the top of your game!

We’ve established an engaging and informative education program that’s geared towards keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments, both in the Codes and Standards, as well as industry related advances.  These are delivered by knowledgeable and and skilled professionals that that will help you leverage new technology confidently to deliver best-in-class design and installation.


Fire Protection Equipment Service Providers

What are the benefits a Fire Technicians Network LSST or CLSS Certified Member is going to bring to an organization engaged in providing testing, inspection, and service of building life safety equipment and systems?

Improved Skills - We provide the training and have the means with which to assess a technician’s current level of professional practice.  The latter is accomplished when they first apply for Certification through a Professional Practice Evaluation (PPE)Professional Practice Review (PPR) is the second important component that ensures the member remains focussed on delivering nothing less than the Gold Standard of inspection and service.  We want our members to succeed and will pro-actively engage with each one to mentor and encourage their professional growth.  Employing a Network Certified LSST or CLSS simply means that you’ve made the best choice in providing the highest level of uncompromising services to your customers.

Improved Engagement - A Certified LSST or CLSS is someone you KNOW is going to be engaged and empowered to advance their carreer; an individual that is wholly committed to ensuring their work product represents the epitome of customer service and professional practice.

Improved Knowledge - Compliance with the Codes and Standards is at the heart of what every building owner (or their designated representative) is looking to ensure gets delivered.  Hiring a fire equipment service provider that he knows employs trained, knowledgeable staff ensures his annual visit from the local Fire Prevention Officer is going to be a painless experience.

Improved Bottom Line - Have you been looking for ways of increasing revenues and improving your bottom line?  Are you frustrated with competing in a market where the successful bid involves winning the race to the lowest price, and where integrity is often sacrificed just to get the job?  Many AHJ’s are looking for a way to identify those providers that employ truly qualified, accountable, service and inspection professionals.  Take a leadership role in YOUR community and partner with us.

Levelling the Playing Field - The many failed promises to level the playing field (going back over twenty plus years) have been a major source of frustration for technicians, their employers, building owners and operators, and various jurisdictional authorities across Canada.  Neither the CFAA or ASTTBC is set up to properly police their membership (and education alone does not empower anyone).  When the onerous, and often confrontational, complaints process is engaged, it frequently results in a monetary penalty levied against the technician, which only serves to create an environment poisonous to their professional development, while never really addressing the core issues.  A professional association that is unwilling to DIRECT, ENGAGE, EDUCATE, and ENFORCE the practice of their members, is simply one that’s going to continue picking YOUR pockets along with those of your customers AND your technician employees (it’s termed a Money Grab).  Technicians need the tools and the knowledge to achieve success in our highly technical industry.  They also need to be able to get answers, and clear, unbiased direction that will encourage them to make the right decisions and that will, ultimately, level the playing field.  That’s why WE won’t make that promise.  We will, instead, leave it to an accountable, professional, and committed membership to deliver on that, every day!

Knowledge - Integrity - Vigilance


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